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Illustrator, Storyteller

Yuke work as a freelance illustrator for years, and she use visual language to express emotions, thoughts, and stories. The diversity of people and culture have been her most recent inspiration. Her goal is to inspire people with another possibility, to comfort sadness; or to plant a hopeful seed in the mind. She believe that magic happens, and art is her way. Yuke is am an animal lover, and she will keep the little secret to her stray Border Collie friend and her Tiger.
Yuke’s work has been recognized and awarded by America Illustration, Bologna Children’s Bookfair, World Illustration Awards, ADC awards, 3x3 Magazine, among others.


City of Chandler, Boston city Hall, Chelsea Piers Fitness, New York Times, LA Times, Time, Politico, Dior, Lamer, Kiehl’s, Hope Publishing House, People's Literature Publishing House, CECI, Harper’s Bazaar, Rayli, etc.


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